secure SMTP and cygnus-sasl handling

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Tue Jun 3 15:13:28 PDT 2003


also instead of cyrus-sasl I am now using DRACd.  so I placed the IP address
of in the /etc/mail/dracd.allow file.

> Have a firewall block port 25 to this mail server, and only permit 
> the users to talk to 465.  Of course, you are running stunnel on the 
> mail server or it's local network, right?

okay this is a public port 25.

> > are there other applications that I need to consider here?
> Sendmail will do STARTTLS if both sides support it, and you can even 
> configure things to not permit plain text authentication (AUTH LOGIN)
>  unless TLS/SSL has been negotiated.

this is the answer.  can you point me to someplace on how to do this?

- Noah

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