multiple nics not a gateway

K Anderson freebsduser at
Tue Jun 3 15:07:06 PDT 2003

WAT Engineering wrote:
> When installing 2 nics on a box, only the nic entry lowest in rc.conf seems
> to be available to network services.....any ideas on this....using the
> GENERIC kernal
> Cary Woods
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Are there any error msgs in dmesg, are there any problems with the NICs, 
does ifconfig show all interfaces up and running with assigned IP 
addresses, does rc.conf have the proper syntax for the interfaces, does 
the setup of the NICS show all interfaces involved with the system?

Does a gateway show up in netstat -r, did you enable natd (if needed), 
did you enable routed (if needed), did you set up a defaultrouter in 
rc.conf, did you gateway_enable(ed) = yes in your rc.conf.

You're not giving us much to go by here.

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