update /stand? (handbook 21.4.12)

Vitalis vitalis at numericable.fr
Tue Jun 3 10:14:11 PDT 2003

>[about /stand/sysinstall in FreeBSD 5.X]
>* Vitalis <vitalisREMOVETHAT at numericable.fr> [2003-06-02 20.56 +0000]:
>> Hi Jon,
>> I've asked exactly the same question to @questions and @current 2 days ago. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have the answer...
>I believe it has been answered (no line-wrapping intended):
>(Vitalis: The fact that you haven't seen the answer could have
>something to do with you munging your e-mail address...)
>Martin Karlsson

You're right Martin, I hadn't seen the answer. I think it is also because I had read them through the sol.lists.freebsd.* newsgroups with sylpheed...

And better late than never: thanks to Matthew and Michael for their answers that were very quick!

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