Can you copy freebsd from one of my present machine and load it to a new

Jez Hancock jez.hancock at
Tue Jun 3 08:41:29 PDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 11:52:56AM +0100, Matt Heath wrote:
> DanB wrote:
> >Can you copy freebsd and its configuration from one of my present
> >machine and load it to a new machine so I can do some repairs on it.
> >Maybe copy to a CDR and boot from that.
> >
> >Dan
> > 
> >
> sure, for $500

Why not just take the disks out and put them in the new machine.  If the
partitioning isn't too fancy the system should work without too much
problem.  Try doing *that* with a windows system :)

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