dot.bashrc, where is it?

Didier Wiroth freebsd at
Tue Jun 3 07:04:47 PDT 2003

Thanks, I know this isn't linux!

I'm asking because I'm reading "The Complete Freebsd, 4th Edition" book, at
page 94 "Changing the default shell for root" there is a comment:
"After installation, you may want to change the default shell... Bash... If
you have installed instant-workstation, you should copy the file
/usr/share/skel/dot.bashrc to root's home directroy and call..."

I had a look at the Makefile of the /usr/ports/misc/instant-workstation
port. I can't figure out where or how this file (dot.bashrc) could have been
installed from this port?! I have the bash2 shell pkg/port installed and in
my mind, this is the only port where the dot.bashrc file could be installed,
but this isn't obviously the case. 

For a beginner (coming from a windows world) who doesn't know which shell is
better, sorry more adequate, it is easier to have a sample config file, to
start learning how to configure you shell!


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"Didier Wiroth" writes:
> Hi,
> What do I have to install to have the: /usr/share/skel/dot.bashrc 
> sample file copied? Or where can I download it?
> I'm running 4.8-release.

There is no default .bashrc. You have to make your own. bash is optionally
installed by the user and is not part of the base system, that's why no
dot.bashrc is included with FreeBSD (this isn't Linux).

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