Apache - mod_perl - PostgreSQL

bsd at perimeter.co.za bsd at perimeter.co.za
Tue Jun 3 05:03:00 PDT 2003

Hi all! 

I did the portupgrade of postgresql 7.3.2 -> 7.3.3 this morning.  Since then 
my mod_perl web pages will not talk to the databases..... 

It's wierd: 

1) postmaster is running, and I can manually psql and see the conent of the 
databases OK. 

2) Apache is running, and mod_perl is still good because the rest of the 
perl-generated page comes up fine. 

3) I can't track down any error messages in the apache logs. 

The SQL queries from perl just return empty results from the databases!  
When I manually run the identical query in psql it returns the correct 

Has anyone else had anything funny like this happen recently? 


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