PPPoE load balancing

Raphaël Marmier raphael at computer-rental.ch
Tue Jun 3 00:46:50 PDT 2003

This is quite recent, but get a look at OpenBSD 3.3 (www.openbsd.org) 
and its packet filter, pf 
(ftp://ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/doc/pf-faq.pdf). It does support 
bundling unreleated and uncooperative links together. With some 
scripting, you should even be able to track when a link goes down and 
reload the rules without it, giving you some sort of failure tolerance.

Of course, it is a bit of a hack, but as you need for only 6 monthes...


Le Mardi, 3 juin 2003, à 05:03 Europe/Zurich, lukek a écrit :

> Hello,
> Let me apologise firstly if this is a topic which has been thrashed to 
> death
> on this list.  I need some advice before I get myself into a hole that 
> is
> very deep, dark and lonely.
> I need to add an additional DSL line to my exisiting network to keep 
> up with
> the expanding bandwidth requirements of the users. In a situation like 
> this
> my first reaction would be to get some fibre into the office and take 
> it
> from there but the building we are currently in is unsuitable for 
> fibre (
> according to the provider ) therefore for the interim I have no choice 
> but
> to get additional DSL circuits.
> My question is how difficult is it to get one FBSD router to reliably 
> manage
> multiple DSL circuits. These circuits would have static IP addresses
> probably /28 on the outside and there are two distinct networks 
> internally.
> An ethernet segment and a wireless segment.
> I am using IPFilter and IPNat to provide simple NAT functions and 
> simple
> firewalling functions. If I create further external links ie tun0 and 
> tun1
> will this create problems for NAT ? I am contemplating separating the 
> two
> internal networks so that the ethernet segment gets routed to tun0 and
> wireless to tun1. Would I need two instances of IPNat and IPFilter or 
> can I
> wrap all the rules into one instance of these tools ?
> Is there a smarter way to do this ?
> Any advice is appreciated as I suspect that this is not a trivial 
> thing to
> accomplish reliably and given no other real options at this time I 
> have to
> come up with a solution that is reliable. Ideally it would be great to 
> be
> able to get load balancing and failover working but I won't push my 
> luck.
> Regards,
> LukeK
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