adsl pci cards

Gianmarco Giovannelli gmarco at
Mon Jun 2 22:49:43 PDT 2003

I'd like to make an adsl router using an epia mb with an adsl pci card (if 

I have found the sangoma card:

Just a few questions:
1) Will they work here in Europe (Italy) ?

2) What type of software have I to use with it ? I see the card arrive with 
his soft "WANPIPE".
May it use the standard BSD commands and programs to use/manage it (like 
mpd/ppp/ipfw and so on ... ) ?

3) Is there any other alternative to this card ?
Also something cheaper if possible :-) In Italy any small adsl router cost 
less than this card ...

Any other relevant infos on the subj is welcome :-)

Best Regards,
Gianmarco Giovannelli ,  "Unix expert since yesterday"

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