Listing installed ports without any ports dependent on it

kitsune kitsune at
Mon Jun 2 17:27:03 PDT 2003

cd /var/db/pkg/

On 02 Jun 2003 17:52:43 -0400
Adam <blueeskimo at> wrote:

> What I need to do is this:
> For each installed port that has NO other installed ports dependent on
> it, output the full name of the port
> In other words, I want a script to generate the list of ports that can
> be deinstalled without forcing (-f).
> A few months ago a guy posted a python script to this mailing list that
> did this, but I've since lost the script and it's too long ago for any
> of the online archives.
> If you're the nice guy that shared this script before, would you mind
> sharing it again? Or, does someone else have a script to do this? I
> remember it requiring a bit of cleverness to get it to work nicely.
> Thanks,
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