In need of a VPN Client

Chris racerx at
Mon Jun 2 16:19:03 PDT 2003

On Monday 02 June 2003 02:27 am, Mikael Lönnqvist wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> This may not help you, but anyway - i know there was
> A Cisco Linux VPN Client (v3.8 last I checked..) avaliable
> For download fr. Cisco. Think it was multipurpose client for accessing
> Pix, the Cisco Concentrators and Routers. I don't know if that client is
> Working on a freebsd box though...
> Good Luck!
> /Mikael

Thanks for taking the time to answer - I thought I might try that however, it 
seems Cisco does not offer a binary of it. It seems (at least the copy I had) 
relied on a Linux kernel that of course I could not provide.

If anyone else has an idea, or an alternate way of me doing this - I am open 
to all. 



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> Subject: In need of a VPN Client
> Hiya folks -
> 	Is there a clinet I can use to allow my 4.8 box to VPN into a Cisco PIX
> 515 to allow me access to a windows network?
> 	I have the Cisco VPN client for Windows, but I have all but stopped using
> Windows. And this dang VPN issue is stopping me from removing Windows here
> at home all togather.
> 	Thanks in advance.


Best regards,

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