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Mon Jun 2 12:30:32 PDT 2003


So who is mocking.  Not I.   I would consider voluntarily 
moderating this list as a monumental job - well beyond anything 
I would have time for.


> Jerry McAllister wrote:
> [ ... ]
>  >> I'm volunteering my time, network bandwidth,
> > 
> > Whew.
> Neighbor, for choice I try to be polite, even in the face of sarcastic comments, 
> false admiration, rhetorical games, and all of the other bullshit that some 
> people exhibit.
> Most of the time, I leave it at that.
> However, I sometimes wonder whether people who are trying to be impolite to me 
> have the background to understand what I consider a "real problem".  Most people 
> don't think of pain as being educational, I've learned.  Most people have the 
> choice of not thinking about pain at all, much less wonder whether they should 
> think of pain as a friend or only an old, familiar acquaintance.  Sad, hmm?
> I don't mock people for being ignorant, Jerry; I envy them.
> And while it may be true that I envy someone for their blind ignorance, I've 
> rarely found it beneficial to explain this perspective to other people.  Troy 
> Settle pushed hard enough to get a taste of reality rather than courtesy from 
> me.  Troy apparently was intelligent enough to learn from the experience.  Are 
> you also capable of learning behavior, Jerry?
> -- 
> -Chuck
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