Upgrading a live server with rdist

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Jun 2 09:58:33 PDT 2003

Jamie wrote:
>    I am trying to upgrade a running production server with rdist, but some
> of the files will not update. I am getting messages like:
> rdist: server.foo.net:/bin/rcp: Operation not permitted
> updating: /kernel
> rdist: server.foo.net:/kernel: Operation not permitted
> updating: /sbin/init
> rdist: server.foo.net:/sbin/init: Operation not permitted

These files probably have the system immutable flag set.  Make sure you do not 
have the system security level enabled ("sysctl kern.securelevel" gives -1), 
then run:

	chflags noschg /kernel /bin/rcp /sbin/init

...or "chflags -R noschg /".


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