what MP3 portable hardware works with FreeBSD?

Matt Gostick matt at crazylogic.net
Mon Jun 2 07:21:32 PDT 2003

> Anyway, here's an warning to Derek, Don't confuse the Archos Multimedia
> jukebox with the other archos jukebox models, they are quite different
> on the inside.

I made that mistake... well not really me... the Studio 20 was a Christmas
gift.  It is really crappy that I can't use it on my Compy though.  I
didn't find out that it wasn't compatible until the return policy had

Is anyone working on a driver for the Studio 20?  If not then I wouldn't
mind taking that up as a side project...  I have no idea how hard it would
be though.  If it was easy I'm sure the person who wrote the code to handle
the Recoreder would have done something.  Regardless, I'm willing to give it
a crack.  Could someone point me in the direction of some Docs/Tutorials
where I can find out how to help?

Matt Gostick <matt at crazylogic.net>

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