Is portsdb -U broken again?

parv parv_fm at
Mon Jun 2 01:30:17 PDT 2003

in message < at>,
wrote Roger Merritt thusly...
> 'portsdb -U' ... runs about forty minutes to an hour, reports
> a couple of errors (telling me "" does not exist and the packing
> list is incomplete), and then reboots with "Signal 12, Page Fault
> in Kernel Mode (page not found)".
> The same thing happens when I try to run 'make index', but I can
> run 'portsdb -u' and 'pkgdb -F' ok.

Consider that index making (or "make describe") is CPU & disk
intensive work; 'portsdb -u' and 'pkgdb -F' are nothing in

Hardware problems perhaps?

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