Spring cleaning - hardware give-away (CONT)

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at comcast.net
Sun Jun 1 18:24:14 PDT 2003

Ok, I've about finished going through the closets and boxes, and I have
the following:

9) Tray of 4 K6-2 266MHz processors.

10) K6-3+ (mobile) processor. Not sure if it works, though. The system it
was in was dead. I know the mainboard was dead, but I'm not sure if the
CPU bought it with the board. Hell, even if it doesn't work, the box is so
light it shouldn't cost much to ship. I will ship this with a Heatsink&Fan
combo (I know the fan works ;)

11) set of 4 SIMM's (old school, 30-pin). Great for soundblasters with the
DRAM sockets on them. Not sure what size, probably 1MB each.

12) 4Mb Compaq RAM card for a 386 laptop. Compaq part# 121127-007, spares#
129947-001. Sad story about this module. I had an old 386 laptop I
originally used to write and debug ASM for the M68HC11 in college with. It
had this memory card, giving it a total of 6Mb of RAM (whopping plenty for
what I used it for). Then, thinking I might find an upgrade, I took the
card out - and promptly lost it. Later, I sold the laptop because it
didn't have enough ram to boot Linux or FreeBSD. Then, I graduated, and
found the card in a bunch of papers in the back of my desk. (sigh>

Probably too damn old to be of interest, but it was in a 386LTE. Not sure
what other models might use it.

Again, first come, first served - and remember, all you have to come up
with is shipping. I'd just like to see this gear end up in the hands of
someone who could use it.

Seth Henry

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