Spring cleaning - hardware give-away

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Subject: Spring cleaning - hardware give-away

> I have a bit of functional, but older equipment I hate to throw away, but
> no longer have the space to keep. If anyone is interested, it's yours for
> the price of (actual) shipping. Some of this stuff might be able to go on
> eBay (and may, if no one claims any of it), but I'd rather see if any of
> my fellow FreeBSD users/fans are interested first.
> 1) Old vinum disk array. Contains 11 Seagate ST32550WD (HVD differential)
> SCSI hard disks, a 20MB/s HVD/LVD converter, HVD terminator, and beefy
> power supply. There is a cut out for a 8" fan, but the fan has long since
> gone out. However, the mounting hardware for the fan and filter remain.
> I used this in college to store MP3's, and as far as I know, they are
> still on the array.
> Weighs approximately 35 pounds - I can probably be talked into breaking
> this up if you don't want all of the disks, or are only interested in the
> SCSI converter, etc.
> 2) 15 meter (yes, meters) HVD SCSI cable. It's long, folks. Originally I
> picked this up on eBay so I could keep the above array in a different room
> (for noise reasons).
> Somewhere around 5-6 pounds
> 3) CIT 224 serial terminal. Supports VT52/100/200 terminal modes, and can
> operate (reliably) up to 9600 baud. 19200 is supported, but has problems.
> I currently use it as a "head" for my headless server, but am looking to
> replace it with an X terminal that draws just as much juice, and has a
> GUI :) The keyboard is a tad yellow, but otherwise fine. It's previous
> life was spent monitoring a router, so there may be some faint burn-in.
> Probably 10-15 pounds with keyboard.
> 4) Symbios UW HVD SCSI controller. I'm trying to ditch all my HVD SCSI
> gear, and this is the last controller on hand. Great if you want the above
> array, but don't have an HVD controller. It is supported by FreeBSD (works
> great too)
> 5) Voodoo 2 3D graphics accelerator - with passthrough cable. Still holds
> up for older games. I may even have the SLI cable somewhere, though I only
> have the one card.
> 6) Digi Digiboard PC/4e with DB9 (male) breakout cable. This is the older
> ISA version of the card. In excellent condition (was bought new), but
> replaced with PCI card after a server upgrade. This board is well
> supported by FreeBSD - it formed the communications portion of a home
> automation controller for some time. No manuals or disks, though - long
> since lost in moves.
> 7) Analog Devices SHARC ez-kit lite development kit. Comes with
> development board, power supply, and CD-ROM with software. I thought I was
> going to get into programming DSP's, and bought the kit - but later
> decided home automation was my thing. Works great, has stereo input and
> output. Great for home-made equalizers or effects boxes, though it is a
> tad underpowered.
> 2-3 pounds (mostly the power supply)
> 8) Motorola MC68ICS05P microcontroller development kit. Comes with lots of
> interesting stuff, including the dev board. This part is well supported by
> free tools, including from Motorola. Perfect for a senior design project -
> unfortunately, I've already got a MSEE, and I don't plan on using this
> kit anymore.
> 9) Paralan NARROW HVD-SE SCSI converter. Mounted in a 5.25" chassis, it
> allows you to attach normal narrow SCSI devices to a HVD SCSI controller
> (or vice versa). It is presently configured to terminate, but this can be
> changed with jumpers.
> More stuff may be dredged up as I finish Spring cleaning, but that's it
> for now.
> First come, first served - and remember, all you have to come up with is
> shipping. I'd just like to see this gear end up in the hands of someone
> who could use it.
> Later,
> Seth Henry
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