TWM focus

Lee Harr missive at
Sun Jun 1 05:53:57 PDT 2003

>I know this is not the list for that since it is not FreeBSD specific,
>but I tried the XFree86 list and did not get any answer... Since I'm
>sure some of you must are using TWM, I give it a shot.
>How can I make TWM to automatically focus a new window ?
>Each time I launch an application, a square (empty window) appears under
>my mouse pointer and I have to click to make the window appear, which
>is pretty annoying.
>If you have any idea...

Hmm.. let's try

man twm

Ok... here we go:

       When new windows are created, twm will  honor  any  size  and  
       information  requested  by  the user (usually through -geometry 
       line argument or resources for the  individual  applications).   
       wise,  an outline of the window's default size, its titlebar, and 
       dividing the window into a 3x3 grid that track  the  pointer  are  
       played.   Clicking pointer Button1 will position the window at the 
       rent position and give it the default size.


Probably, you could set up those X11 configuration files that tell each
application how you want it to display. Alternatively, you could install
a more modern window manager and solve all of your problems.

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