Installing a network interface

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Sun Jun 1 01:07:20 PDT 2003

when you rebooted after installing the card did it show up in dmesg ? Check
if the interface has been detected by

#dmesg |grep rl ( rl if it is a realtek card or whatever the abbreviation is
for your manufacturer )

If the card is there then all you have to do is use the ifconfig cmd to
bring the interface up. To make this automatic edit rc.conf to suit your
setup and it should be fine

BTW which release/version are you using ?


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Subject: Installing a network interface

> Can somebody help me with this question?
> Whne trying to install additional network interfaces with using
> /stand/sysinstall
> I get the screen "Network interface information required"
> However ethernet card details are not detected in the menu. I am using
> freebsd version 4.4
> In an earlier installation with a realtek card , the details came up and
> installation was possible.
> How do I make sure that the card is detected in the installation?
> Thanks
> Verghese George
> Melbourne
> Australia
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