Adaptec 2120S management (raidutil) ?

Scott Long scott_long at
Tue Jul 8 09:20:22 PDT 2003

Buki wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if there is some FreeBSD software to manage
> Adaptec 2120S RAID SCSI card.
> Looking through Adaptec web I found "Storage Manager 3.04"
> but it's quite old and it says "for 2100S, 3200S and 3400S"
> and I really have not got it to run.
> Then there is "CLI version 1.0 for FreeBSD 4.4-5", which
> seems to (sort of) work, but I don't see many options for
> the controller and I am sort of afraid to use it for 2120S :)
> There is no man page for it, just inline help...
> Can anybody help me with it?
> Buki


The old 'Storage Manager' and 'raidutil' tools do not work with
the newer generation of Adaptec RAID cards.  The newer genreation
use 'Storage Manager Browser Edition' for the GUI and 'aaccli' for
the CLI.  I ported the aaccli program to FreeBSD a few years ago,
but it has fallen out of date and I don't recommend using it with
the 2120/2200 cards.  You can, however, extract the Linux version
of 'aaccli' from the CD that comes with the card and run it under
FreeBSD.  You'll need the normal linux compatibility tools, and
you'll need to either compile your kernel with AAC_COMPAT_LINUX
or load the 'aac_linux.ko' kernel module.


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