fun routing problem

Markus Kovero markus.kovero at
Wed Dec 31 03:25:06 PST 2003

Well, I got this fun routing problem again; so here it goes.
I have a router, which gets native ipv6 on xl0 with block 2001:a6x:2:1x::/64
and she has also lan-interface.
My idea was to route 2001:a6x:2:1x:dead::/96 to lan interface so i thought
doing as follows; added 2001:a6x:2:1x::3/64 to lan-interface, then routed
2001:a6x:2:1x:dead::/96 to it. Now the fun comes in, xl0 pings net fine, lan
interface pings xl0 fine, but lan interface wont ping net. tcpdump says like

13:13:32.755545 2001:a6x:2:1x::1337 > 2001:a6x:2:1x::: icmp6: echo request
13:13:32.764543 2001:a6x:2:1x:220:48ff:fe5b:2d15 > ff02::1:ff00:1337: icmp6:
neighbor sol: who has 2001:a6x:2:1x::1337
no answer.

so gw-router is like "hmm. who the fck has this address." then asks it with
multicast or similar thing (ff02-thing) but wont get reply?
Why lan-if wont get that multicast-whateveritis request while it is on same
net but different interface?
all forwarding sysctls are 1.
no firewalls harrassing or anything.

Greets Markus Kovero

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