Need some advice for a mail setup...

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Tue Dec 30 12:38:39 PST 2003

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays.

I was hoping to get some suggestions and advice here for a particular setup
im designing.

Here is what I want to do.

I am going to use FreeBSD 4.9 as our Mail server. It will be running
Postfix, courier-IMAP and a few other goodies. I also want to run webmail
on this as well.

My main question is the actual design for this.
For instance, right now, our mail server for our company is in the private
part of our network, and is only accessible to my LAN and the localhost.
(NOTE: I have a mail gateway setup that checks all incoming email first,
then passes it to the mail server)
It has been working great so far.

The trick is, how do I implement webmail with this particular setup? I do
not want to open up a firewall rule and allow webmail access directly to my
mail server that is on the private network.

Thus, i've thought of two things, but im sure there are more options:

1) Setup and configure the mail server accordingly, and place it on our DMZ.
2) Setup webmail on the Mail gateway and have it access the internal mail
server so users can view and send email.

But I was hoping to get some further advice and recommendations here.

I really do appreciate everyones help and insigt here.



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