Installation failure with version 4.9

Claude Fournier cw.fournier at
Mon Dec 29 13:06:48 PST 2003

Thank you all for the support
I tried multiple partitions with no avail.
For example:
ad0s1a (/) 128 MB
ad0s1b (swap) 432 MB
ad0s1e (/var) 256 MB
ad0s1f (/tmp) 256 MB
ad0s1g (/usr) 5077 MB
I tried another route and just install with success redhat 7.1, this is
LINUX, not my favorite.
It is running OK.
Retried FreeBSD and same messages:
(1) Unable to swap to /dev/ad0s1b invalid argument (device not configure)
(2) Unable to make new root file system on /dev/ad0s1a
(3) Couldn't make filesystems properly

In the BIOS the hard disk is configured as having 13328 cylinders x 15 heads
x 63 sectors as per specifications from Western Digital.  I tried using
these parameters.  Did not work.
After installing REDHAT, the parameters used were 784 cylinders x 255 heads
x 63 sectors.  I left those settings to re-install FreeBSD, did not work.

The partition looks like this
It appear that the installation is not capable of formatting the hard disk
Anyway I am loading release 4.8 and will try with this older version

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> On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Claude Fournier wrote:
> > No, unfortunately I did not try a smaller root slice.
> > I was following advise from Greg Lehey "The Complete FreeBSD" published
> > O'Reilly who suggested to part with custom practice.  I tried the
> > Auto slice without success
> As somene else suggested on the list there are reasons why some people
> recommend multiple partitions. It's almost a religious argument..
> If Auto slice did not work then you have other problems. Did you get a
> warning or error when doing the space allocation? For example an error
> about geometry?
> You left the list out in your reply.. feel free to CC the list again so
> others can also comment.

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