Floppy utility w/ DOS-like syntax

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You do not need any special port application to do that, You can
config FBSD to allow that function by doing this.

Edit /etc/fstab and add this line

	/dev/fd0    /a           msdos   rw,noauto,longnames   0   0

Then as root issue this command

	mkdir /a

Reboot your system

Now put an msdos formatted floppy in the drive and issue this

	mount /a
	cd /a

Now just use regular FBSD commands to do what ever you want.
When you are done do this

	cd /
	umount /a

When you take FBSD files to windows, use word to read them and there
will not be any line feeds at the end of each sentence. When you
move an windows file to FBSD, each line in the file will have line
feeds at the end of each line. FBSD has very simple port/package
named unix2dos. Install the package it's so much easier to install
that way. It has two commands unix2dos and dos2unix for stripping
off the junk at the ends of each line.

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Subject: Floppy utility w/ DOS-like syntax

If I recall correctly, I have installed a little utility (on 4.3)
mounts, reads from and writes to an ordinary DOS-formatted floppy
and uses
a DOS-like syntax.

I don't remember what it's called or how to find it.

I tried the Handbook,  the FAQ and pkg_info.

Any ideas?


Ken  Seggerman
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