Backup Server

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Sat Dec 27 07:15:08 PST 2003

samy lancher <washville2003 at> writes:

> I have a 4.5 FreeBSD server. It is our Email, web and database server. I would like to setup a backup server so that when the main server goes down the backup server takes over its job.
> Could some one please tell me the best way to setup a backup server and also suggest some good documentation.

This kind of thing can be quite tricky.  If you want it to be
invisible to the users, it will be a huge amount of work.  In most
situations, you're better off just having a spare machine ready to
take over and letting the users know that the backup won't be fully up
to date.

Beyond that, you really have to identify the vulnerability scenarios
you're trying to ameliorate.

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