Fixing an Assimilated MBR?

Ryan Sommers ryans at
Thu Dec 25 19:45:30 PST 2003

Is there an "official" way to fix an MBR that has been overwritten such
that there is still a valid partition table and valid MBR, but not the
one you want?

Like usual upon inserting a Windows CD and booting off it my MBR was
changed to that of the operating system for the CD; leaving me unable to
get to the fancy FreeBSD boot loader I've come to love.

I was able to rig it back by going into the custom installation option
and just setting a drive as active and choosing to reload the MBR.
However, it isn't readily apparent that this is what is happening as
sysinstall will then complain about different things before rewriting
the MBR/partition table. However, it does work...

It would be nice if there was an option in the Custom menu to just
analyze the partition table and allow the user to chooce to (re)install
the boot manager; without being prompted to label.

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