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Kent Stewart kstewart at
Thu Dec 25 09:35:26 PST 2003

On Thursday 25 December 2003 08:25 am, hymette at wrote:
> > What ever you do, upgrade portupgrade and its dependancies first. The
> > current
> > version will fix most bad situations that you would have had to delete
> > packages and re-add them before. You may still have to do that because
> > you
> > have a corrupted setup.
> Many thanks I think it's improving! The origin of my problem could be
> in the g++ compiler because some portupgrade !reports mention "new
> compiler error". And Qt refuses to install arguing "system/compiler not
> supported" . It sounds strange since I run 4.9-release.

Which Qt are you trying to install? Qt-3.2.3 installed just fine on my 
systems. If Qt isn't installing, it sounds like you may have an old version 
of X-Windows. Paste the error messages and a pkg_info listing of your ports. 
I think someone will then have a better chance of understanding what the 
problem is.

> My g++ version is 2.95.4 20020320 is it the latest ?

Yes, on 4.x. I think they are running 3.3 on 5.x. I can't be specific because 
I am doing some work on a web page on the machine that dual boots XP/FreeBSD 

> How can I upgrade it or change the version?

I don't really think you need to at this point. The messages may mean 
something else.

> Thank you again for your answers to my questions.

No problem. I was/(still am) hard pressed to figure out a simple solution. I 
think most computer problems can be solved using the surgical scalpel 
approach and slashing away with a broad sword is totally alien to my nature. 
Unfortunately, there are times when you just have to stop, clean things out, 
and start over to get a clean, simple solution.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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