FreeBSD 4.9 Can't find second CPU ...

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Answer to your ? 1.  98% of FBSD users do not have 2 cpu
motherboards so default GENERIC kernel is configured for them and
not for you.

Answer to your ? 2.  Read through the LINT kernel source to see if
you missed some other kernel option needed to enable the kind of  2
cpu motherboard you have.

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Hi Everybody ,

        I have two question about SMP .

        First Why FreeBSD is installing OS with single Cpu default
?!! Why
it can't enable SMP support at installation time ?!

        Second when I compile kernel with SMP Support FreeBSD 4.9
can find
second CPU ?! What do I have to check why it can't find it ....?!

I'm using DUAL PIII 933 CPU and INTEL Server BOARD .... I tested it


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