dri on radeon7500, few of fps

Markus Kovero markus.kovero at grafikansi.fi
Wed Dec 24 09:53:42 PST 2003

I did notice what you guys were talking about and wanted to reply, 
though I didnt find orginal mail so I replied to this one.
I have Radeon Mobility M9 or similar whatever it is. Supposed to be ati 
radeon 9000 with powersaving features, anyways technically(9000 just has 
dx9 support or smthin) same thing than ati 7500, they just renumbered 
their old chipsets.
I get 1200fps with glxgear on default window (dspl:1024x768) so 
depending of size of your window you get bit low fps.
Whats use of device vesa option if I may ask?

xmas greets Markus Kovero

Chris Howells wrote:

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>On Monday 22 December 2003 11:53, Виталий Каверин wrote:
>>active next options: device radeondrm, device vesa. But
>>glxgears show me only 950 fps.
>That sounds pretty reasonable. I get ~600 with a Radeon Mobility 7500. The
>card does perform much slower than under Windows though.
>>DRI is working but i want to give more fps... How to fix
>>this problem??
>Buy a faster graphics card. Personally I would get an NVidia if I had a
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