rc initialization anomaly (some sections are being loaded twice)

Ihsan Junaidi freebsd at synthexp.net
Wed Dec 24 09:17:40 PST 2003

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Ihsan Junaidi <freebsd at synthexp.net> writes:
>>I upgraded a test system running 5.1 to 5.2 RC1 and with it, i came
>>upon a few difficulties. firstly, the default login and su PAM configs
>>are (mis)configured so that they totally ignored the password. so each
>>user is able to login freely without being prompted for a password.
> You removed pam.conf?

no, it wasn't there the during initial install and the system works 
fine. anyway, found the cause of it, apparently during mergemaster, i 
either overlooked and didn't install pam.d/system or mergemaster didn't 
prompt for it. copied /usr/src/etc/pam.d/system to /etc/pam.d and the 
problem went away.

>>I've been getting weird behaviour from the rc init system,
>>specifically with it loading some sections of initization twice. i'm
>>not sure if this is intentional but it's annoying to see warning
>>messages popped up and they loaded just fine on 5.1.
> Sounds like you neglected the 20030829 entry in /usr/src/UPDATING.
> No?

yes i did. thanks for pointing it out for i totally missed it.

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