Question on PS/2 Wheelmouse through KVM

Scott W wegster at
Tue Dec 23 17:22:13 PST 2003

Hey all.  Strange but not totally surprising behavior, anyone have any 

IBM Netfinity 4500R
2x 667MHz PIII CPUs
Logitech Trackman Wheel PS/2
Mouse and KB through Belkin 8 port rackmount KVM

Running recent 5.X current
SMP kernel

When I was running the mouse via USB/not through the KVM, the middle 
(wheel) button worked fine, as did the wheel after a bit of tweaking on 
moused and the X config file.

Via PS2 and through the KVM, it appears there's nothing I've found yet 
that will enable the wheel, although the wheel 'button' itself works.

Running moused in debug mode in a terminal using -z4 shows buttons 
numbered 'normally' 1-3 from left to right and gives corresponding 
output for each button being depressed...however, scrolling the wheel 
gives no output, which I'm assuming it should be doing for a positive or 
negative movement value.

The same setup works fine, mouse wheel included, through the same KVM to 
another SMP Linux system, which has run RHAS2.1, 3.0, and now WhiteBox 
Linux (free 'clone' of RH3ES), without any issues, so it doesn't appear 
to be the KVM, although I've seen historically that BSD seems to have 
more than it's share of KVM input issues....

Any ideas on what to try next?  Opera in X without a scroll mouse is 
like Windows claiming it's secure- it's just wrong :-(


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