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Jim Ramsay i.am at jimramsay.com
Tue Dec 23 09:43:20 PST 2003

Scott I. Remick wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 04:08:55 +0200, Anton Alin-Adrian wrote:
>>Thanks. Seems I am going to develop a GTK UI for fasttrack ;P
> Hmm maybe as an easier start, someone can add giFToxic to the FreeBSD
> ports collection?
> http://giftoxic.sourceforge.net/
> Porting is currently outside my own abilities.

I'd love to do this, but I don't know enough about how to create a port.

I downloaded release 0.0.9 and got it to compile on my FreeBSD 4.8 
machine with two small changes necessary:

1) Must compile with gcc version 3.3.3, not version 2.95.4.  (IE, I set 
my environment CC="gcc33" before configuring)

2) The final linking of the executable must also include -lgnugetopts or 
getopts_long is undefined.  This requires the port devel/libgnugetopt 
installed.  I just hacked src/Makefile after configuring, but this 
should probably be done more intelligently.

One of these days I may figure out for myself how to make a port of it, 
but please don't hold your (or anyone else's) breath.

Jim Ramsay

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