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Mon Dec 22 11:34:10 PST 2003

> I've been trying to setup spamassassin on my freebsd box with postfix.
> I was reading the other thread about spamassassin.  What i couldn't
> figure out, was how it got the mail from the mail system.  I looked at
> spamd but it didn't look like the program.  I googled and still
> couldn't find a good tutorial.  If someone knows of a good tutorial and
> could give me a quick explaination, i'd be greatful.  Oh, I am running
> 5.1-RELEASE.  thanx

Been there, done that.  I stopped using SA because it was not the best
tool for me, but it may serve you well.  Many love it.

You can get some good info here, but not specific to your issue:

Check out the UCE/Virus contributions.

amavisd-new, is your best bet for easy
integration in a mail gateway.  Mark Martinec, the author of the amavis
changes that make up amavisd-new, is very active in Postfix, and his
documentation is good.

If on a gateway, the FILTER_README that comes with Postfix is an important
read for what you will be doing.

procmail, from what I hear, is the best solution for a mail server that is
the final destination, and not a gateway.  I see a couple other posters
already commented on it.

Lastly, a great place to search would be the Postfix users archive:
  are two easy ways to get that archive.


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