IDE to CF issue

Cybertime Hostmaster hostmaster at
Mon Dec 22 10:47:07 PST 2003

> > I have been trying to get FreeBSD onto a CF, and had an assortment of
> > issues.
> [...]
> > Anyone have an idea where to start?
> Others have been slow to respond so I'll kick in altho its been 9
> months since I've done what you are attempting, and then it was 4.8 or
> 4.7, not 5.1.
> For starters I'd triple check to make sure /dev/ad2 is the correct
> device for your interface. Just because your friends use ad2 doesn't
> mean its right for you. IIRC ad8 is a likely candidate. Don't remember
> this was the name used in 4.x but in 5.x usbdevs(8) should list your CF
> card if its connected via USB. Also if using usb you need usbd(8)
> running.

It was /dev/ad2, and not USB because this was a CF to IDE adapter that
plugs directly into the motherboard.

I had another CF that I did not want to overwrite, but I used it anyway,
and it works fine.

Further testing showed the CF I asked about has some issue, and it has
been RMAed.

Only good news is their "Two day RMA approval" only took half a day, so I
shipped it very quickly.


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