FreeBSD 5.1 PowerPak Installation problem

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Mon Dec 22 05:25:14 PST 2003

Hi Ion-Mihai,

My appologies, forgot to attach the file. I have re-sent that e-mail with

When you install Red Hat Linux, it allows you to label the multiple boot
loader partitions and the FreeBSD generates the label per partition created.
If you have already installed an operating system e.g. Windows platform,
then it is displayed as ?? rather than the name of the operating system.

Is there a way to modify this boot loader file or rename the boot loader os
label using command line command?

Please advise a.s.a.p.

Kind Regards

Gurdial Chandra
Sycos AES

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> > Hi Ion-Mihai,
> >
> > I had to abandon the installation on this HDD (5600 rpm slower
> > device). Now, I installed the system on faster HDD (7200rpm) and was
> > able to complete the installation last friday. This morning when I
> > tried to boot-up the system, it bi-passed the logger and logged as
> > root. After running fsck command, I, have recovered the system and was
> > able to login.
> Good.
> > I have attached the messages file for your advise.
> No attachement.
> > I have managed to complete the installation on 300MHz system.
> > Configuring the XFreeBSD was a bit of struggle.
> Welcome to the club.
> > When you use sysinstall to generate XFree86Config file, where this
> > file is saved? Why the graphical configuration tool option always
> > indicate the configuration unsuccessful?
> If I remember well (as I don't use it) /root/
> > I have USB floppy drive and when I try to mount, it gives me error
> > message'msdosfs: /dev/fd0 No such device or file'. Please advise.
> Well, fd0 is for the floppy attched to fdc, but yours is on usb, devfs is
> not seeing it so it does not create the entry in /dev.
> Please start reading the handbook, the faq and the man pages.
> > Is there a way to modify the boot loader multiple os boot prompt? One
> > of the options showing ??
> The only one - modify the source. I don't advised that.
> > Please advise a.s.a.p.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Please drop this, is kinda annoing.
> --
> IOnut
> Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user

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