How to Upgrade OpenLDAP

Bob Perry rperry4 at
Sun Dec 21 06:42:15 PST 2003

Aaron wrote:

> Bob Perry wrote:
>> I went to the port directory net/openldap21-client/ to install 
>> openldap-client-2.1.23 and
>> could only find a Makefile.  Do I just install the server?  I didn't 
>> see one in my
>> list of ports with the previous openldap-client-2.0.27.
> That Makefile references the server port, and defines CLIENT_ONLY=yes
> Building the client will run the Makefile in server, the overall port, 
> but only with client features.
> Build server and you should get both, as server depends on client.
Thanks Aaron.  I never took the time to look into a makefile before.  
I'm sure
there's a man page out there somewhere.

Thanks for taking the time.

Bob Perry

FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE-p13 0#

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