Problems with dual HD's under FreeBSD.

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Sat Dec 20 21:42:10 PST 2003

Ok, I admit I've never encountered this issue before, so I'm stumped. Being 
the cautious type I first installed Freebsd by removing my backup drive and 
booting that way. That was to prevent myself from acidentily nuking my 
secondary drive which is my backup/storage drive. Ok, Freebsd install goes 
great and I'm now ready to add the second HD back in and mount it. One 
problem. Upon boot it loads the ATA drivers for ata0 and ata1 (primary and 
secondary IDE controlers) and then it tries to initialize ad0 which it 
successfully does, but it gets a read error on drive 2 which is ad1. If I 
run these drives on separate controlers I have zero issues, but when 
they're together as master/slave, whichever drive is slave refuses to 
initialize, however the bios sees it fine. I've got it running with the 
cdrom and drive2 on the secondary IDE and drive1 on the primary IDE. Thing 
is, they worked fine as master/slave before I reloaded BSD. Interestingly 
enough, even the boot floppy for installing the OS gives a fit about this.

So in short until I unplugged the second drive and switched it from master 
to single and back to master I didn't have any issues. Since the drives are 
UFS I can't test this with dos to see if it sees both drives. About all it 
could test is if it could see the partitions. I admit this isn't really all 
that bad as the system is working, but I'm worried that having the cdrom 
connected to the 2nd HD on the same controler will cause it to slow down 
the 2nd HD.

Anyone got any recommendations on how to correct this HD problem? First 
drive is a 40g WD, second drive is an 80g WD. Both UFS formatted. The 40g 
drive has the OS on it, the 80g drive is drive2, the backup drive.

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