why do I need sendmail

Cybertime Hostmaster hostmaster at cybertime.net
Sat Dec 20 12:09:11 PST 2003

One thing to note in Matthew's reply:

> that.  However, automatic e-mails from your system -- usually from
> the periodic(8) scripts -- do require sendmail(8) or equivalent.

Two words at the end, "or equivalent."

You can run Courier, Exim, Mini Sendmail, Nullmailer, Postfix, Qmail,
ZMailer, so on and so forth.

All have advantages and disadvantages.  Personally, I use Postfix, but
that is because for my needs it is better.

If you have trouble reducing sendmail down to your needs, look at the
documentation on the others.  One of them might suit you better.

Your mileage may vary, so on and so forth.


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