your suggestion

Charles Smyth charlessmyth at
Sat Dec 20 11:34:11 PST 2003

Hi Shantoo,

No luck with that suggestion, but another one sorted it.

mount -t msdos /dev/da0s4 /nountpoint  works fine and was able to add the
details into /etc/fstab so that the zip can be mounted from the KDE like a
CD/DVD. Modifying the /etc/fstsb file also works for the floppy.

/dev/da0s4   /mountpoint  msdos    rw,noauto
/dev/fd0     /mountpoint  msdos    rw,noauto

Thanks for the speedy assistance.


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+++ Charles Smyth [freebsd] [19-12-03 20:51 -0000]:
| Unable to to mount a USB ZIP drive, with any of the mount commands that
| for a floppy. Just keep getting superblock and file errors.
| The drive itself responds to the mount command but won't proceed any
| further.
| The ZIP cartridge is formatted as FAT.
| Can't find anything on the BSD site or mailing lists.
| If possible, please let me have a suitable link for this issue, or the
| necessary directions.
| Charles Smyth.

# mount_msdos /dev/da0 /mountpoint

>From dmesg check out at what device USB Zip drive is detected and
accordingly change /dev/da0


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