i am a new comer totally.

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Fri Dec 19 19:00:24 PST 2003

   dear freebsd experts:

   i am a new comer totally.

   i have duron 800 computer with 256m sdram, cdrom ,fdd 1.44, usb 1.1
   cdrom read and write, agp vga 600x800,

   8g   seagate medalist 8420 ide hard drive already 3g for dos fat32bit
   and 5g for free bsd which is my young brother taught me.

   also i have p3-733 cpu  with the same configuration as above.

   i have 4.8,4.9 also 5.1 bsd cdrom version.

   my question is

   -1- which version is the best for new comer ?

   -2-someone would like to teach me one step by one step ?

   -3-how many documents or handbook should i or must i read ?

   thank you very much

   have a nice day !

   dhammachanda also ray lin from taipei


   by thec way, welcome to my pages ,

   sorry it is traditional chinese language but music is international.


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   2. http://g.msn.com/8HMATWTW/2749??PS=

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