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On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 10:05:45AM +0100, Elektronix Support wrote:
> Dear support / sales,

FreeBSD does not have the sort of corporate structure you're
expecting: basically it's a bunch of people who have got together to
write an operating system.  You've connected to a mailing list used
for answering user questions, which I suppose counts as "support", but
there's no "sales" anywhere here -- the Free in FreeBSD is quite
> I work as Technical Support Manager in a firm that manufacture industrial
> computers.
> One of our customers ask if we can install FreeBSD version 4.6 or higher
> versions of FreeBSD on our hardware solutions, and sell to him. The
> organization we will sell this to is the end-user.
> This computer will function as Internet router / Firewall.

Yes -- this is entirely permissible.  Indeed, it is encouraged.
> I need to know if we can install FreeBSD and charge our customer for this,
> or if there are restrictions we must be aware of.
> Please advice, I don't want to brake anyone's copyrights.

FreeBSD's terms are, in a nutshell: you can do whatever you want with
this software so long as a) you preserve the copyright notice on the
code and b) you acknowledge the original authors.  For the full
legalese, see, (Some parts of the
system use other terms, such as the GPL, but those do not impose any
overly restrictive additional burdens on the user).



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