hlsd on FreeBSD anyone?

Derrick Ryalls ryallsd at datasphereweb.com
Thu Dec 18 17:18:50 PST 2003

> Thinking of using FreeBSD for a Half Life Counter strike 
> server. Hoping to support like 20 players. 
> Looking for thoughts on requirements.. 

I run just such a server.  It is a 1800XP with 1/2 gig ram running 4.7-RC.
We can handle 20 ppl easily, could probably get close to 32 if ever got that
popular.  http://server.counter-strike.net has good info on reqs that are
fairly close to freebsd.  Note that if you start tacking on mods, the cpu
usage goes up.  So, as far as requirements, try it on your target machine
and see how it fares.  I recommend installing mrtg to track usage.

When you go to install the linux steam stuff, be sure to run it as a normal
user in their home directory for security reason.  Then you can run the
server with normal permissions (non-root) and be safer if hlds is ever

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