Just a question.....

soultrax at verizon.net soultrax at verizon.net
Wed Dec 17 17:37:47 PST 2003

I havent seen another os more stable than frebsd and i love 
it.  It uses less memorey than windows and linux. Thats what 
i was looking for. 
Now, I love computers and I have to tell you that my hobbie 
is to test computers, configure them, install operating 
systems on them and i want to know what i need in order to 
make programs for frebsd. How to port applications for it.  
I know that there are help files somewhere in your website 
or on another.  First of all, im not a programmer yet, but i 
want to be.   
These are my questions. 
What programming languages do you use for interacting with 
freebsd( the kernel,ports)? 
Where can i get more information on how make programs for 
I plan on going to college to study computer science but i 
dont want to waste my time studying programming languages 
like visual basic, even though it wouldnt hurt. I want you 
to guide me so i wont make a mistake.  i know ms software 
dictates most things in the market because of their business 
practices but i dont want to get stuck with it.  Freebsd is 
my choice and i want it to be a meaningfull choice in my 
future career.   
Thats all i ask for now.  with your help in two to four 
years from now ( or less if possible) you`ll hear from me 
with what i can provide to you or the freebsd community. 
Luis Sime 
Have a good day. 

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