FreeBSD 5.1 PowerPak Installation problem

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Wed Dec 17 09:54:29 PST 2003

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 14:36:21 -0000
"Admin" <admin at> wrote:

> Dear sir/ madam,

Please warp.
> The FreeBSD 5.1 PowerPak was purchased from FreeBSD Mall Ref Invoice
> No: 3120119. This package has been ordered to develop a FreeBSD Driver
> for PCI Bus Interface. When tried installing, on Pentium P4 2.53GHz,
> the installation fails during installing the package on to the hard
> disc, displaying message e.g. Extracting base into / dir, Panic
> ufs_dirbad: bad dir and ask to reboot the system. After several
> attempts, I have managed to install the minimum installation.

Please post the output of dmesg and your hardawe. We can say anything
without knowing your hardware.

> I have tried installing on a Pentium Pro 300MHz PC and it won't let me
> configure the X. 

Both proc fully supported.

> When I try to configure the X, the system starts
> rebooting. Would you kindly advise, what should I do?

Did you make any world /kernel build & install ?
Try configuring using xf86config instead of xf86cfg. Give more details.
> I have very tight requirement. I need to develop the driver and supply
> to the customer by end of January 2004.

Good luck.
> Is this software fully installable? 

Yes. It sould. I'm running it ;)

> If not, would you please send me the updated software a.s.a.p.
> Would you please advise a.s.a.p.

Note that you are posting to a comunity mailling list. Also note that
The Freebsd Project and The FreeBSD Foundation is not responsable for
FreeBSD Mall which is a third party.

Also note that I'm not speaking for either of them.

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user

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