New name for Floppy disk devices?

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Wed Dec 17 03:15:01 PST 2003

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 06:42, Dr. Lyman Hazelton wrote:
> OK, so sometimes serial devices that one would expect to have names in
> /dev like sio0 or sio1 are now called cuaa0 or cuaa1 (for reasons
> beyond my understanding).  Now I can see my floppy disk in the dmesg
> output, but there doesn't appear to be an fdc0 in /dev.  Did floppy
> disk devices get renamed, too, or is it hiding somewhere else, or did
> it, for some unknown reason, just vanish?  I'm trying to create a
> floppy disk boot pair, and can't write to a device I can't find.
> Help?

I have been using FreeBSD since version 2.0.5 and during that time 
the serial callin ports have always been named ttyd?, callout ports cuaa?
and floppy drives fd0, fd1. The names are not new or changed.

I guess you could have created your own device files or renamed them choosing 
any name you want; but most people find it more convenient to stay with the 
defaults as other applications won't find them.

I think you may be confused with the serial driver names, sio? and the floppy
disk controller name fdc0; which as far as I can remember always have been and 
still are.

Malcolm Kay 

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