Radeon DVI

William Bloom wbloom at eldocomp.com
Tue Dec 16 12:37:04 PST 2003

I have an ATI Radeon 9700 w/ VGA/DVI outputs on my FreeBSD 5.1 machine
that I've been using with only the VGA port for some months.  Now that I
happen to have a MacOSX machine at my desk as well, I'd -like- to
substitute a flat panel DVI monitor and use one of the new Belkin
OmniView SOHO DVI/USB KVM switches for the two machines.  I've seen the
mailing list postings regarding use of ATI DVI cards with XFree86, so
this appears to feasible with a few caveats in mind.  This new flat
panel monitor will be my only one.  That is, I don't plan on a
dual-headed system w/ Xinerama (the old VGA will be recycled).

Now the real question...

Will the flat panel work with the FreeBSD console??  Does the console
initialize the DVI output on the Radeon??  Mind you, I'm not worrying
about XFree86.  But I want to have a working display (it's my only one)
even when X11 isn't running.  I haven't bought the flat panel yet and I
don't have one to experiment with.

William Bloom <wbloom at eldocomp.com> (602) 604-3100
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