Installation troubles

michael Alexander linux at
Tue Dec 16 06:46:19 PST 2003

I find no virus boot detection options in the bios on this machine (I have
seen it on our workstation machines, so I know what you are talking about)

Just to confirm that the raid is working (since I did add drives and rebuild
it all since it was last used) I just began another Netware install, and it
is happily going along, created a dos partition and formatted it.

Next possibility?


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> Check your system bio's and turn off virus boot detection.
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> Hi,
>   I am trying to install FreeBSD (have tried 4.9, and the 5.1 ISO's)
> It
> hangs at:
> Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to settle
> My hardware:
> Intel NA440BX MB, 512MB ram, dual PIII 350 processors
> Mylex Acceleraid 250(DAC960)
> Latest bios/firmware downloaded and installed on both MB and Raid
> card last
> week.
> ISO's downloaded last week as well.
> I know the raid card works, I had netware installed on the machine
> prior to
> moving it to new hardware.
> If there was an option to install unlisted drivers at the initial
> setup
> screen, where I am suppose to remove drivers that do not apply, then
> I might
> be able to continue on and get this installed.  I selected FreeBSD
> because
> it seemed to be abit more up to date with releases of other software
> we
> would be running (Sendmail 8.12.10, etc)
> Any suggestions where to begin troubleshooting the install?  I did
> download
> the latest drivers for the card as well, but all the install
> instructions
> I've found assume there is already a working FreeBSD system, which I
> do not
> have.
> (FWIW, Redhat 9 also is failing to install, it locks up loading its
> DAC960
> driver -never even gets to any sort of config)
> Thank you,
> Mike
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