startup scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d

Andre Grove ondrugs at
Fri Dec 12 05:38:31 PST 2003

sorry. i have too much faith in ESP i guess. this is the script that is 
supposed to run:

/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/caau1 modem crtscts 115200 lock asyncmap 0 
defaultroute debug passive persist

It's supposed to bring up the PPP interface, but it doesn't. but running 
the script manually (not the command itself) does.
There is no references in /var/spooll/messages that the script was even 
attempted at bootup.


Lowell Gilbert wrote:

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>Andre Grove <ondrugs at> writes:
>>Why would a script not run? I have a script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d, I
>>did chmod +x it, but it still does not run at startup.
>You didn't give much information there.  Not feeling terribly psychic
>today, I'll just tell you what the manual says.
>     o   Scripts are only executed if their basename(1) matches the shell
>         globbing pattern *.sh, and they are executable.  Any other files or
>         directories present within the directory are silently ignored.
>     o   When a script is executed at boot time, it is passed the string
>         ``start'' as its first and only argument.  At shutdown time, it is
>         passed the string ``stop'' as its first and only argument.  All rc.d
>         scripts are expected to handle these arguments appropriately.  If no
>         action needs to be taken at a given time (either boot time or shut-
>         down time) the script should exit successfully and without producing
>         an error message.
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