Leased line server configuration via analogue modem

Stephane Bortzmeyer stephane at
Fri Dec 12 01:45:09 PST 2003

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 09:26:18AM +0200,
 Andre Grove <ondrugs at> wrote 
 a message of 47 lines which said:

> How do would I go about configuring FreeBSD 5.1 to be a leased line 
> server? Basically a mail server and gateway.
> I can get a null modem to connect and obtain an IP address. 

PPP, I presume, judging from your rc.conf? With PPP, most of the
configuration could be done automatically. You probably do not even
need to set the IP address or the netmask.

> only able to access the machine from outside if there is a 
> "default_router" for my network.

If you use pppd (there are two PPP in FreeBSD), do not forget the
defaultroute option. It should be the default but there is may be a
nodefaultroute lying somewhere.

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