Question about ports... [postnuke]

Matt Staroscik matt at
Thu Dec 11 12:09:16 PST 2003

>> I am want to install postnuke but when-ever I go to do make under
>> /usr/port/www/postnuke, it wants to install mod_php4 again, I don't want
>> to have to reinstall ports everytime I add something new.

I recently installed PHPNuke and have some observations that might be
relevant to your situation.

1. The version in ports may be behind what is on the project web site.

2. Installing a PHP app from a tarfile is pretty easy, so if ports isn't
cooperating, go to the source. You'll probably just need to edit the
config file with your SQL login info and the user/group that the web
server runs as (probably nobody/nogroup).

Good luck!

matt at

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