performance gain by compiling ports and kernel / java issues

Lucas Holt luke at
Wed Dec 10 06:47:23 PST 2003

On Dec 10, 2003, at 8:12 AM, Bert Lagaisse wrote:

> Hey,
> 1)
> I now use the performance-gain do I obtain by building my own kernel 
> and compiling the ports ? (the system is a PIII 500 Mhz with 512 MB 
> ram)
> Does the extra work and efforts compare to the gain ?

If you have a newer processor, there can be a slight performance gain.  
You must specify the processor type in make.conf before building 
though.  A custom kernel compiled for your processor only can be rather 
"peppy".  My custom kernel is half the size of the GENERIC kernel.  So 
to answer your question, yes if you do it correctly following the 
manual on

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